Getting Started with Course Selection

It is now time to select subjects for next year, so we have provided you with the information necessary to make choices for next year and in future years.  The decisions you make today will impact on your future, so consider them carefully.

We want you to choose a course that is appropriate for you and allows you to achieve success, so we have included all the subjects that we offer in Years 10, 11, 12 and 13.

The Schoolpoint Course Selection tool is divided into the eight learning areas plus Future Pathways to assist you in planning a balanced programme of learning. We have also included the Curriculum Overview which shows each subject in their learning area and how they develop throughout your years at school. The Curriculum Overview helps you to plan your curriculum choices and identifies the qualifications offered for each subject at each level.

There are a number of staff at NCG who can provide you with invaluable advice: your kaiārahi, Dean, subject teachers, Head of Department, Careers Advisor or a member of the Senior Leadership Team. Course Selection Evening and interviews will also help you with your choices.

In the Senior school we strongly recommend that you take the time to plan your whole course of study so you understand whether each subject choice moves you along the pathway you choose.

Some subjects have course costs associated that can become a drain on personal finances. It is possible to make small weekly automatic payments for costs or you can talk with your Dean about the opportunity for financial assistance.

All subjects in Years 11-13 offer credits toward an NCEA (National Certificate of Education Achievement). As there continue to be  changes occurring on the qualifications framework, some course details may alter. Subjects are only able to run when they are selected by sufficient students. 

Remember: Make your own choices