Level 2 Outdoor Education

Course Description

Contact Person: A. MacDonald

Year 12 Outdoor Education

Four expeditions spread throughout the year will be planned for and run by the students. There is a big emphasis on planning and evaluation of the details of trips, and responsibility for decision making is placed upon students individually and as a group. Learning to roll a kayak and living in the snow are just part of the high level of challenge included in the course. Outdoor pursuits skills are focused upon in practicals as preparation for the trips away. Students are encouraged to grow in their leadership and risk management skills during the year. Commitment to a lunch hour and after school each week is essential. Assessment is practical and written. There is a relaxed atmosphere to learn, and a chance to enjoy the outdoors. Students will be given class time to catch up on any work missed due to trips away. Some weekend days may be scheduled to reduce days away from class.

Course Overview

Term 1
Whitewater or Sea Kayaking

Term 2
Tramping or Mountain Biking

Term 3
Alpine Tramping or Mountain Biking or Rock Climbing

Term 4
Rock Climbing or Sea Kayaking

Contributions and Equipment

A recommended donation of $350 (to be confirmed) as a contribution to costs will enable the course to run. Specialist equipment will be provided. Generic outdoor clothing (eg. coat, thermals) and equipment (eg. sleeping bag, pack, mountainbike) is available if students are unable to provide it (this is covered by an optional $50 hire).

Entry Requirements

This course is intended for Year 12 students but is open to Year 13. Students who have not previously studied Outdoor Education may be admitted at the discretion of the HOD if they have a strong background in outdoor recreation, good motivation and fitness. Candidates should be confident in water, physically fit and motivated to participate in any challenge.

Credit Information
Internal or
L1 Literacy Credits UE Literacy Credits Numeracy Credits
U.S. 427 v7 Cross rivers
U.S. 476 v6 Roll a kayak
U.S. 28516 v1 Prepare for, participate in, and evaluate an outdoor experience as a member of a group
A.S. 91169 v2 Physics 2.2 - Demonstrate understanding of physics relevant to a selected context
Total Credits

Total Credits Available: 22 credits.
Internally Assessed Credits: 22 credits.

Pathway Tags

Diversional Therapist, Outdoor Recreation Guide/Instructor, Urban/Regional Planner, Industrial Designer, Sports Coach/Official, Ranger, Professional Sportsperson, Librarian, Recreation Co-ordinator


Courses are based on student choice, so some courses may not run.