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Year 10 Music (Full year)

Course Description

Contact Person: M. Payne

This course is designed to help build confidence in the essential skills of modern music learning: performance, composing and understanding sound. Students will gain experience in performing in front of others, writing their own music and recording this on the music software available. They will learn music theory up to at least a Grade 2 standard. Students will be encouraged to use their main instruments or voice for performance, but will all learn keyboard as a method for understanding how to read music. We enjoy working with students in all genres of music according to their interests.

Contributions and Equipment

Students will be given the option of taking subsidised instrumental/vocal lessons (50% reduction of standard private music rates). Workbook $15.

Entry Requirements

Beginners welcome, though most students will have taken 9MUS.



Courses are based on student choice, so some courses may not run.

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