Information for Students going into Year 11

All Year 11 students study SIX subjects. 

English, Mathematics and a Science are compulsory. Your current English, Maths and Science teachers will work with your Dean to select your correct level of study in these Year 11 courses.

Choose THREE option subjects.

You may select no more than two Science subjects.

Check the Curriculum Overview 2021 - Where does your learning lead? page. This will show you what subjects there are in each Learning Area in Years 11, 12 and 13. This is important so you can plan your subjects for the years ahead.

Make sure that you visit the NCEA - National Certificate of Educational Achievement page so you understand the NCEA requirements for Level 1, including Literacy and Numeracy. This page also gives information on how to achieve your subjects and/or Level 1 with endorsement.

The Career Education page gives information on the Career Guidance team who are available for advice in the Careers Centre.

How do I select my subjects online?

  1. When you are ready to start making your selections, you can either browse by Learning Areas or Individual Subjects. You will notice that English, Maths and Science have a '1' in the Learning area as a course is compulsory, but you will be able to see other courses in this area.
  2. Click on any courses you want to see more information about including a course description, where it might lead to, and any costs associated with the course. 
  3. At the top of each course you will see the following menu. Here you can add it as one of my courses or you can add it to your favourites, so you can easily find it again.  

4. At any time, you can click on View Selected Courses from either the menu above or by clicking My Courses in the Navigation Panel. When you click on My Courses, you will see the compulsory courses selected for you. If you are in 10C this year, you need to select a course from the Science Learning Area.

5. To see courses that are recommended for you based on the subjects you took this year and prerequisite information of the courses, you can click on View Courses for Me in the menu above or by clicking Recommended Courses in the Navigation Panel. 

6. To check what courses you have selected click My Courses in the Navigation Panel. 

7. You can remove courses if you change your mind, but you cannot remove compulsory courses. 

8. Once you have selected your courses you should also select a back-up course, just in case of subject clashes etc. The last course you select will be your be your backup course.

9. If you are wanting to do a course but you do not meet the prerequisites, you can add it to favourites if it is a course that you can do in the future. If you think that you do meet the prerequisites, you can click on the Request Exemption button and detail why you think you will do well in the class and it will email the teacher is charge who will get back to you. 

10. Once you have selected the correct number of courses, you can Complete my courses and log off. To log off, click on your name on the left hand navigation bar.

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