Vocational Pathways


Find the pathway that is right for you.

A Vocational Pathway qualification is an endorsement of NCEA Level 2 with one of the six vocational pathway areas: Construction and Infrastructure, Creative Industries, Manufacturing and Technology, Primary Industries, Service Industries, Social and Community Services. 

rosette six pathways  

To receive a Vocational Pathways Award, you must first gain NCEA Level 2. At Level 2, 60 of the Level 2 credits must be from the recommended standards in one or more pathways, including 20 Level 2 credits from sector related standards. 

More information on which subjects offer the sector related standards is shown in the subject information in each Learning Area.

The following diagram shows this relationship:

NCEA graphic 

You can use the Vocational Pathways to help you plan your career and study options by using the colour coded pathways, and easily see how your skills and interests relate to industry.  

Your Vocational Profile on your record of achievement shows how your NCEA credits are mapped to Vocational Pathways. You can use your profile to show employers how interests and qualifications relate to their industry, and get support to do further study, training or move into work. Check out your vocational profile at https://www.nzqa.govt.nz/login/


There are many National Certificates, NZ Certificates and National Diplomas available. The credits gained at school in NCEA can be used towards these qualifications as well. Nelson College for Girls offers credits towards National Certificates in Employment Skills, Hospitality/ Food and Beverage, Mathematics, Music, NZIM, Science, Tourism, Travel and Recreation and Sport.

The credits you gain in NCEA are on your NZQA Record of Learning for life and can be added to with credits gained at Institutes of Technology or through Industry Training Organisations at work to meet the requirements of Certificates and Diplomas.

To be awarded an NZ or National Certificate, you must have achieved a required number of credits in specific standards, usually gained over two years.

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